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Chapter 215: Sword Making 1

“Oh, sorry for disturbing you.”

“Excuse me.”

“Oh! You’re here! This way!”

I went to the place Gladden had shown me on the map, and there I found a rather large, old-looking hut.

It also had a huge chimney that was disproportionately large for the size of the hut.

From the outside, the hut looked old and dirty with soot, but it wasn’t made of wood and seemed solid.

We were told to go in on our own when we arrived, so Sophie and I fearfully pried open the door and went inside.

We were soon approached by a staircase leading to the basement, where we heard Gladden’s voice.

We took the stairs down to the basement.

“It’s huge!”

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

Inside, it was many times the size of the hut above, and at least six or seven meters high at its lowest point.

Looking around, there were many tools that I had never seen before.

And on the walls were tools and swords.

“This is what I want you to pour your magic power into.”

“I knew it was this one…”

In the middle of the basement, there was an object about 10 meters wide and almost as tall as the ceiling.

When I entered the basement, my eyes first fell on it.

“I wanted you to pour magic power into it while holding the handle, but if you were to join hands, you’d have to get a little closer together.”

“No problem!”

Sophie answered with a bit of a bite.

  Incidentally, it’s said that the magic tool takes the poured magic power and converts it into heat.

If that is the case, why not use fire magic I thought so, but I heard that it’s good because Gladden and the others can lower the fire power if it’s a magic tool.

However, the maximum firepower is determined by the amount of magic power poured into it, so it’s impossible to increase the firepower at will.

“Also, it gets pretty hot in this basement.

Can you do something about the temperature”

“I’ll take care of that, no problem.”

Gladden and the others have a magical device that keeps the temperature constant only for them.

They have a spare, but they want to keep it with them in case it breaks while they’re forging the sword.

Besides, it’s said that it only makes the heat okay, but does nothing about the temperature.

“So, for your right sword, I’ll use one of the midori swords and the old straight sword.

For your left sword, the other midori sword and the old dagger, right”


By the way, my preference was for the right one to be a little heavier and longer than the left one.

Therefore, he said he’d use the larger, older sword on the right.

Also, he said you can’t melt all of them at the same time and forge two at once.

I handed the green sword and the two old swords to Gladden.

“Then get ready.”

Sophie and I grabbed the handles on the side of the furnace.

Then I had Zeal go to the spirit world, ready to extract the magic from the furnace.



“Can you step away from me”

Sophie grabbed the handle and went behind me and hugged me from behind.

She held me close to her and hugged me back.

“You don’t want the blast furnace to get cold, right”

“Of course.”

“Then I and Onii-chan should stay as close together as possible, right That way there would be less cold air.”

She got me.

Sophie said she was going to do the temperature control for this

“I’m in charge of my own temperature control…”

“Zero-niisama you’re not used to extracting magic power.

Can you control the ice magic while supplying the magic power and pouring some into the ice


Certainly not.

In addition, Sophie probably doesn’t know this, but my skill level of ice magic is now 1.

The skill level has been lowered, which means that fine magic can no longer be used.

“So who will do the cooling”


“You can count on me, but of course that’s okay, right”


Then Sophie hugged me tightly from behind.

What’s that Sophie’s breasts have grown I can feel something soft.

“Are you done with your quarrel”

“We didn’t quarrel.

We were just flirting as usual.”

“No, Sophie… we’re not even a couple to begin with.”

Sophie made a mistake in her response to Gladden’s blabbermouth, so I quickly corrected her.

“Then, let’s get started.

Pour your magic power into it.”

I was slightly distracted by Sophie’s breath on my ear and the soft touch on my back, but I concentrated and poured the magic into it.

“Pour more magic!”

“I’m on it.”


I increased the amount of magic power to about 1.5 times as much as Gladden had requested.

I’m certain he won’t say this isn’t enough.


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