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Chapter 332 - What's your relationship (1)


“Ahhhhhk!!!!” Pan let out a horrible shriek, as if he had seen the face of a horrible monster.

“As expected.

I knew you would be here.” Lee Gun had appeared in front of Pan.

Lee Gun let out an evil smile.

He looked at Pan as though he had seen a good friend.

However, Pan’s reaction was entirely different.

“Ahhhk! Why are you here! I thought you went to the 10th floor to become Hades-nim’s Construct!”

Construct, my ass!

“I was chased out of there through the Dimensional floor master’s power.”

Pan clutched at his head when he saw the bright smile.

“What did you do that you were chased out with that power”

Him being chased out by the Dimensional floor master’s power meant the Expulsion skill has been used.

Each Dimensional floor from one to twenty had an owner.

These beings were the masters and rulers that managed each Dimensional floor.

Normally, the most powerful gods took these seats.

Moreover, the Divine world transferred the power of the administrators to them.

These were seats that came with great advantages and authority.

One of those authorities was the power of Expulsion.

It didn’t matter what rank the opponent was.

A Dimensional floor owner could expel anyone.

However, they didn’t use this power lightly.

‘It leaves behind a record.’

It was a useful power, but it was also proof that one couldn’t subdue one’s opponent with one’s power.

Anyway, that was the situation right now.

Pan had been playing with the goddesses of the eighteenth floor as soon as Lee Gun had left for the 10th floor.

He froze.

‘I thought I would never see him again.’

Unlike him, the goddesses let out happy smiles as they ran toward Lee Gun.

“Kyaaaa!! That person came back again!”

“We thought we would never see you again!”

Pan had already been discarded by the goddesses a while back.

They looked over Lee Gun’s body with worries.

“Have you heard The party on the ship that we told you about got wrecked!”

“Some ruffian called himself an entertainer and caused a big mess…!”

“Unfortunately, Valhalla's envoy and Kunlun's great sifu were there…!”

“It wasn’t just the two of them.

Anyway, we were worried.

We thought you unnecessarily got swept up in the mess.”

The goddesses looked relieved, and they started gossiping with serious expressions.

“So, who’s the entertainer”

“According to first-hand accounts, he is a monster.”

“Oh my! Is it a monster god like the Kraken”

“Did you perhaps see his face He seems to be a very dangerous god.”

Lee Gun let out a bright smile.

“I have no idea.

It was pandemonium inside.

I ran away because I was scared.”

“That’s right.

Safety is the best option.”

The goddesses were pleased as they screamed. 

On the other hand, Pan, who was being stepped on by the goddesses, became sure of something.

‘He did it!’

All the gods called to the ship were important figures invited by Hades.

Not even the Great Spirits dared to mess with these gods.

Everyone wondered which psycho had messed with them! And that was why Pan was sure it was Lee Gun.

‘I was **ed the moment I got involved with him!’

When that thought brushed his mind, Pan quickly crawled between the goddesses’ legs to get out.

He didn't want to get involved with that bastard.

The best solution was to run away.


“Hey, Olympus god.

Aren’t you going to show me your house”

Pan cried when he was caught by Lee Gun once again.

* * *

“I just have to contact them here”


Pan brought Lee Gun to a highrise building.

The building in question was located on a busy street.

[Connector Building]

Each floor of the Divine world was larger than the earth.

This was why countless gods were gathered there.

However, maintaining communication across floors was difficult, unless one had special privileges like the Great Spirits.

This was why the Multidimensional Connector Building existed.

It was a place where one could leave messages and items to gods they didn't know the address of.

One could contact them.

Pan took Lee Gun into one of the many public phone booths.

Before pressing the numbers on the touchpad, he questioned Lee Gun with a stricken face.

“Are you really looking for an Olympus Zodiac Are you sure this person is there”

“Did you not hear what I said”

Pan looked like he wanted to die.

“Olympus is one of the top floors! It’s where the Great Spirits reside! There is no way they’ll accept a request for an audience…”

“I don’t care.

Did you really think I was looking for a high-rank god”

Pan truly felt relieved to hear that.

He grabbed Lee Gun’s shoulder.

“Man! Great! That’s good to hear! Who do you want me to contact Do you have a friend in Olympus Is it a Construct of a Zodiac—”


“Ah-ha! I was wondering who it was.




“Saaaaaaagitarius! Are you talking about the owner of the Sun”

“Uh! Apollo.

He pretends to be handsome, but he is impot—”

“Ahhhhk! He’s one of the high-rank gods!!! Have you lost your mind If you want to die, you can die on your own!” Pan screamed as he grabbed Lee Gun’s shoulders.

“You want to meet such a scary person! You said you won’t be meeting a high-rank god!!! You liar!”

Lee Gun’s eyebrows rose as if to say he hadn’t told a lie.

“How is he a high-rank god”

Pan screamed once again, “He’s a very high-rank god! Amongst the tens of millions of gods, he’s ranked in the top 150!!! He’s a big deal!!!”

He had power! He had the status!

“While they were destroyed, he was one of the twelve Zodiacs— Kuh-huhk!!”

“I don’t care about that.

Just hurry up and contact him.”

After being hit by Lee Gun, Pan cried as he pressed the button on the touchpad.

“Olympus, third floor.

Please connect me to the palace of the Sun.”

Something surprising happened.

A fancy fairy appeared on top of the touchpad as a hologram.

It asked for confirmation from Lee Gun and Pan.

[Is this your first meeting with him What should I say your name is]

“He’ll know if he sees my face.

Tell him that.”


I will attempt to request a face-to-face meeting with the owner of the Sun.]

Some time passed.

[The Sun palace has refused your call.]

[Have a nice day.]


At that moment, Lee Gun’s eyebrows twitched.

He wondered if something went wrong, so he attempted to contact Sagittarius again.

[I’m sorry!.

The person has refused.]

[He says he doesn’t know you.]

Lee Gun got angry.

Is this how it was going to be

Pan looked at Lee Gun, wondering if he and the high-rank god really knew each other. 

Lee Gun smirked.

He angrily pressed the button and said, “Hey, you want to die Come out before I spread your secrets.”

[The sun god says he has no secrets.

Your request has been denied—]

“Your hair is a wi—”

[You are connected to him.]

[He allows your entrance into Olympus.]

[There are no conditions.]

[Please come to the sun palace.]

Pan was shocked when a VIP pass was summoned.

“This makes no sense!! Why would someone of that caliber do this!!”

Why this guy! The shocked Pan looked at Lee Gun.

Lee Gun merely snorted.

“That maggot.

I should get rid of all his hair roots too.”

* * *


The Divine world was made of twenty floors.

The third floor was a space occupied by the highest-rank gods. 

Olympus was located in a region that low-rank gods could never climb.

This was why it was almost unbelievable that Lee Gun could reach this place.

After all, his rank was still unconfirmed.

However, that was a moot point.

“Does that bastard really want to die” Lee Gun was angry.

It was to be expected.

“He decided the location of the meeting, yet he isn’t here Huh”

Yes, Lee Gun was supposed to meet Sagittarius at an appointed location.

That location was a cafe run by Olympus.

Sagittarius had summoned a pass in secret, so them meeting inside Olympus would punt him in a bind.

This was why they scheduled a meeting outside.

Lee Gun had come to the location where Sagittarius wanted to meet him, yet Sagittarius was nowhere to be found.

Lee Gun called for the employee just in case.

[What Why would a member like that come here]

[If he comes here, the Constructs would have immediately noticed.

That is beside the point.

Do you want to work here]

[You have the looks.]


Sparks flew in Lee Gun’s eyes when he realized he had been stood up.

“In this situation, that baldie sent someone to interview me for a part-time job!”

It was a misunderstanding, but Lee Gun shot to the employee’s face.

“Is this how he wants to do it”

At least, tens of millions of gods resided on each floor! It was like looking for a Mr.

Kim in Seoul,[1] but finding Sagittarius wouldn’t be too hard.


“Hurry up and come out, baldie!”

If he couldn't find Sagittarius, he’d have to make Sagittarius come to him!

Lee Gun went to the plaza and destroyed a statue.

Since this place was ruled by the forces of Olympus, the sculptures of the famous gods of Olympus were placed there.

Lee Gun ruthlessly decapitated the sun god statue, making everyone in the plaza scream.

“W-What is that low-rank god doing”

“He dared to decapitate the great sun god!”

“He deserves divine punishment for such an act!!!”

“Oh, Sagittarius!”

The gods were shocked as they looked for the guards.

Lee Gun had assumed that if he destroyed the sculpture, he would be arrested.

Unexpectedly, someone of high stature made an appearance.


A door made of light appeared in the sky, and an army poured out of it.

“How dare you do that to a god of Olympus!”

“We are already busy right now…”

“Are you there!”


Lee Gun tossed aside the soldiers that appeared from the gate and entered the space where they had exited from.

The tossed-aside soldiers were shocked.

“Ahhhk! You crazy bastard! How dare a ruffian enter Olympus!”

“Get him!!!”

On the other side of the gate lay a beautiful palace.

[Warning! You have entered the territory of Olympus (Highest Risk).]

[It is full of high-rank gods.]

[Currently, the Serpent Bearer is ranked in the lowest group.]

[You will immediately be killed if you are caught.

You should quietly hide—]

Lee Gun kicked the Constructs rushing toward him as if he were telling them to ** off.

Bbah-gahk!! Bbah-gahk!

Now that he was able to enter this place, it didn’t matter.

“Where is that lolicon bastard”

Lee Gun looked for Hades first.

He searched any place that looked suspicious and broke everything in his path.

A voice desperately spoke to Lee Gun.

[Warning!! Gods have karma.]

[When you incur grudges from the gods of the Divine world, they can transfer it to you as karma!!]

[There is a penalty for rampaging too much through the high-rank territory!]

[If you get sued, your karma will mount, and you won’t be able to use your power!]

The voice desperately tried to stop Lee Gun, but Lee Gun surprisingly didn’t receive any karmic debt.

There was a reason for it.

“Ahhk! Valhalla has invaded this far!”

“Insolent fools! Oh, Divine world! Consume our Talents! Send a massive karmic debt to Valhalla!”

The gods seemed to think that the invaders had destroyed the buildings instead of Lee Gun.

“You guys are the ones who broke the rules first and attacked us!”

“You guys declared war on us first! You sent that assassin called the entertainer to the banquet hall!”

“Damn it! Where the hell is Hades”

Pandemonium descended within Olympus.

Of course, Lee Gun almost crossed paths with the enemies several times, but…


Some unknown force took care of the enemies for him.

In fact, some enemies were sent to a different location right before Lee Gun crossed paths with them.

Lee Gun tilted his head in puzzlement.

What the hell was this

‘Then there is the fact that Persephone was stolen away by someone.’

This was odd.

Who was it In the end, that didn’t matter.


A harpoon pierced the path before Lee Gun.

“You’re the one that the master of the sun spoke about”

“I heard a snake snuck into the town.”


To catch Lee Gun, the Constructs surrounded him.

[Warning! They are all Zodiac-rank Constructs.]

[All their Divine status is high.]

Lee Gun even saw a familiar face.

“Oh, Serpent Bearer…”

They were the crows who were the Constructs of the Sagittarius temple.

They were the ones who Hugo summoned most often and used.

The Constructs who had come to capture Lee Gun sighed as they approached him.

“Oh, nameless low-rank god.

We heard the story from the owner of the sun.”

“You must have gone through a lot.”

Lee Gun sighed as he laughed.

“Finally, we are getting somewhere…”

“You caused a revolt because you didn’t receive your salary.”

“Olympus will take care of your debt, so head back— Kuh-huhk!!!”


The enraged Lee Gun let his fist fly toward the gods.

“Lost wage, my ass!”

The crow Constructs couldn’t hide their disappointment.

They knew things would turn out like this, so why were they told to do this

“Hey, what are you doing hiding over there”


The Constructs flinched at Lee Gun’s cold words.

Lee Gun instantly disappeared when he discovered someone above the tree of the luscious garden.


He sent his fist flying toward someone watching him from the top of the tree.

A golden-haired man fell from the tree.

The Olympus Constructs were shocked, but Lee Gun ignored them.

He grabbed the man by the neck.

The Constructs turned pale from fright.

This was a god ranked in the top echelon!



Both the high-rank and the low-rank gods were shocked when they saw Sagittarius taking a beating.

The Constructs quickly summoned their weapons, but the bloodied Sagittarius stopped them.

“It’s fine.

We know each other.”

The Constructs were taken aback.

“What kind of relationship—”

This was the first time they were meeting in person.

Sagittarius rolled his eyes as if he was reading Lee Gun’s mood.


That is… N-Nephew”

Lee Gun raised his fist in anger.

“You dare place all those unspeakable curses on your nephew”

“It isn’t like that!”

Lee Gun let his fists fly.


“Looking for a Mr. Kim in Seoul” means 'finding a needle in a haystack' in English as Kim is one of the most popular family names in Korea. ☜


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