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As his nonsense passed, the main point was brought out.

I asked him joyfully because it was the news I had been waiting for.

“Did you look it up”


There are quite a few.

Would you like to see those here I will bring those.”

“I will see those here.

It’s because I can go back and forth.”

I still have the teleportation stone.

The distance from the mansion to here is not that long, so the mana in it didn’t decrease much just because I went back and forth a few times.

It seemed that I could go around at least 10 times with one teleportation stone.

When Shale flicked his finger at his subordinate, the subordinate brought five heavy books.

It was too much for an adult man to lift.

The books were a little old and crude.

I was surprised at the amount, which was more than I expected.

At best, I thought they might not be able to find it because they were minorities.

“Why are there so many”

“I don’t know which one you need.

But the daughter of the man who made these books were still alive.”

“Still alive”

Wasn’t this book made a long time ago It wasn’t even an officially published book, just like information combined one out of necessity.

That was why it looked so crude.

“You want to meet her”


I will pay you back all at once.”

“Hey, you must…”

Shale frowned.

“I should go because the time is up.

Can you store these here I will come back before dawn.”

“Before dawn”


I don’t have time otherwise.

If you give me a warehouse or something like that, I will read it quietly there.”

Shale readily agreed, saying he understood.

Of course, he changed it to say that he would make a room instead of a warehouse.

After greeting him, I managed to meet Sir Shubart.

It meant that I was almost late.

When he came back here, Sir Shubart was more concerned about security, so he came and went much more often.

There were many times we had dinner together.

Today too, I had to report on the route I traveled after meeting the first prince, but he didn’t seem to have any doubts until he returned.

After dinner with Sir Shubart, I waited until the night and went back to Shale.

Then, in the room he gave me, I started reading information about the minority kin in the Empire.

Those who thought they were simply people with a little special blood had more power than they thought.

It was said they were often found abroad.

There are four types of blood that existed in this Empire.

Perenya, who can use the power to imprint, which is my power.

Paramasa has the power to extend their life by absorbing other people’s energy little by little.

There were cases where they got a little dangerous.

Rohana, who can save others by cutting their own lives.

It could be said they had the greatest power as they had the power to go back and forth between life and death.

They could even penetrate the consciousness, so they could dig into someone’s consciousness for a long time and deliver a message.

Lastly, Mana clan could cast a curse.

But it was said that they were the first to disappear.

Usually, people refer to them as magicians because of their special power.

In fact, it was written that they made their own necessary medicine, just like the medicine I took.

“It seems that Rohana disappeared after them, and those people almost disappeared in this generation.”

No one taught me, there were no such books in the library, and I could barely find information about them by searching like this.

“But how did my mother know me”

Even Shale Iskar took a long time to find information about my kin.

It was information that could be obtained only if you searched almost everywhere.

No matter how powerful Sir Shubart was, it would have been difficult to find me when I was young.

The same for my mother.

The one who had special blood was not particularly noticeable.

It was said that you can know their power by checking it with your own eyes or experiencing it.

Still, in the first place, Perenya could only use their imprint power once.

Even when my mother was at the age of 20 when she met me, I was only an ordinary child who starved and withered in the orphanage.

But how did she know I was the daughter of the Perenya clan and brought me here She even brought me medicine for 10 years to thicken my blood.

It was difficult to understand her.

If there had been a side story of Lucellai Rudbihi, I would have been able to know more about it, but it was disappointing.

I didn’t think I needed to read any more documents on history, so I think I should take a look at each power later.

“Urgh, my head hurts.”

My eyes were hot, and my head was pounding as I looked at the handwritten papers for hours.

It was time to go back as the dawn would soon come.

I will have to look at the rest later.

I closed the remaining papers and got up from my seat.


What if my mother was like me

I stood up, turned around, and looked down at the documents slowly.

How could she easily find information like this 

Could it be that Sir Shubart was imprinted by my mother


She wouldn’t have been so obsessed with my power if she had that power.

And it was said if someone succeeded in imprinting, they would love the person who imprinted them blindly.

Even if you didn’t win the heart that imprinted you, you would fall to the point of being corrupt.

Of course, Sir Shubart was blinded to her, but it was different.

And if it was true, Sir Shubart would have already been corrupted. 

Then I wondered if there might be another bloodline.

It would be nice if there was a way to tell them apart.

“I need to check more first.”

After all, I might be able to meet the daughter of the person who wrote this book anyway.

She may know more than what is presented in these books.

It was really time for me to go back.

* * *

Since then, I had repeatedly read the books in the space Shale provided me every night and returned a few hours late.

Sometimes, I went for an hour during the day.

After about three days of using the sleeping time, my whole body was filled with fatigue.

The teleportation stone, which didn’t show much difference at first, was already reduced by half, making it white and empty.

I had to meet my mother in the evening, but I was worried that I would make a mistake because I felt tired.

I pressed my burning eyes and pondered what I had heard from Shale.


“Ah, about Count Ariandel.”


What about him”

“It seemed like there was no need to worry about him coming to the capital.”

“What do you mean”

“In the first place, he seemed to have received a huge amount of money from Shubart Rivacher.

It looked like he came to the capital because he needed more money, but if that was the reason, wouldn’t it be resolved soon It means they’re helping each other.

I don’t know if you knew about it or not.”


I guess that was what Sir Shubart meant when he said he would take care of everything.

Whoever I choose, it would have been the same for Sir Shubart, so I don’t think it would be much use if I didn’t know now.

I turned, and my head was spinning.

When I pulled the string, Lisa came in less than a minute.

“I can’t.

Lisa, please prepare a bath for me.”

To avoid making a mistake in front of my mother, I had to relax a little, even if I was tired.

“Yes, Lady.

We will prepare it right away.”

After about 30 minutes, I felt tired when immersed in a bathtub full of warm water.

When fox hunting, will he really disobey His Majesty’s orders It would be good if he could make excuses for the emperor.

Valery won’t be the only one who received orders.

I’m sure Delkian got something too.

The Emperor would have given different orders for the two princes to be chosen as the crown prince.

Obviously, the crown prince’s seat would be flown away the moment they broke his order.

If things went as planned, Delkian would give up his position, but there was no guarantee that he would do that now.

I couldn’t stop my mother like stitching a hole forever.

I needed to stop her in a more certain way.

Then what after stopping my mother

“No, since when did you think of others like that”

It was a much better way than everyone going to ruin.

It was clear that everything would be back to normal after everything was over, even if I had disappeared.

Valery would dismiss me as his painful first love.

I tried to erase my thoughts and close my eyes, though what he said in the hallway still bothered me.

That evening, in Bei.

The fox hunting was only a week away.

I thought the three of us would have dinner together again, but Sir Shubart wasn’t there.

“What about Sir Shubart”

“He has been away for a while.

It will take a few days.

He said he would be back before fox hunting.”

I didn’t expect it.

I thought he was just sticking with us and working using his men these days.

If Sir Shubart said he would come back before the fox hunting, he would return in time.

“He must be very busy.

If I had known that, I should have said I would have breakfast alone.”

“It’s Shubart’s only pleasure.

I wonder how he would react when you said that.”


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