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Chapter 953: Dazed and BrokenTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Charles waved for two cars.

Yue Yu casually glanced at one of the cars and said to Yue Lanchen, “Lanchen, get in this car.”

“Okay.” Without hesitation, Yue Lanchen got into the car.

“Go back and get some rest.

Ill see you at the game tomorrow.

Im off too.” Yue Yu waved at him.

Then she got into the other car.


After Yue Lanchen got into the car, Yue Yus car drove off in another direction.

His car hadnt gone far when a car in front of him stopped him.

Yue Lanchen felt a sudden nervousness.

He gripped the back of the chair.

Two figures got out of the car in front of him.

Yue Lanchen couldnt see them clearly against the light.

He nervously raised the back of his hand to shield his vision.

When the two of them approached, he shouted in surprise, “Sister, Brother-in-law! Why are you here”

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin opened the door and got into the car.

Yue Lanchen hurriedly made way for them.

“You guys are here to give me a surprise, arent you” Yue Lanchen said happily.

“I knew you couldnt bear to let me compete alone! Sis was just lying to me before that you guys werent coming.”

Actually, he was not alone with Yue Yu accompanying him, but Shi Jins arrival still had a different meaning.

Shi Jin patted him on the head.

“Come on, get in our car.

Well take you back.”

“Sure,” Yue Lanchen replied immediately.

Fu Xiuyuan spoke briefly in French to the driver, who let Yue Lanchen off.

On the way, Yue Lanchen chatted and laughed happily.

Before the three of them could return to the team, Yue Lanchen received a call from the hospital.

The caller spoke French, which he couldnt fully understand at the moment.

He was anxious.

“What What hospital did you say What is it”

“Allow me,” Fu Xiuyuan said, reaching for the phone.

After he finished the call, he said with a grave expression, “Yue Yus car just lost control and crashed into a building.

She was taken to the hospital.

The police found the most recent call in her phone to be you, so they called you.”

“What Ill be right there!” Yue Lanchen was very anxious.

“Well accompany you there.”

Yue Lanchen did not speak for the rest of the journey.

He held his head and looked pained.

Shi Jin said nothing either, but sat with him in silence.

When they reached the hospital, Charles joined them.

He was questioning the police loudly and indignantly in French.

“The brakes failed Why would they Thats my familys car and driver! Impossible!”

Yue Lanchen rushed over.

“Hows my sister”

“Shes still in surgery.” Charles swallowed his anger.

“Wait here a minute.”

“Is it serious” Yue Lanshens voice was hoarse and bitter.

“I dont know yet.”

Charles was in no mood to comfort him.

Yue Lanchen had no choice but to sit down.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan stood at the side, not saying much.

Yue Yu was sent out not long after the surgery.

Yue Lanchen hurriedly ran over.

The doctor said simply, “She injured her face and arm.

Fortunately its not a big problem, but she still needs to recuperate.”

Fu Xiuyuan translated his words for Yue Lanchen.

“Sis, sis”

Yue Yu opened her eyes and adjusted to the light.

She glanced at Yue Lanchen with a gloomy expression.

Yue Lanchen took it as pain and said, “Does it hurt Do you want the doctor to give you some more painkillers”

“It doesnt hurt.

Im fine.

Why dont you get some rest Youve got a game tomorrow.”

“I cant leave until I see youre all right, or I wont leave.

Now Ill take you to the ward.”


Yue Lanchen sent her inside and only left when Charles stayed to take care of her.

When he came out, he saw Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin still standing not far away.

He ran over and said, “Fortunately, theres nothing serious.

Otherwise, I wouldnt know how to answer to my parents.”

“Im glad shes okay,” Shi Jin said.

“Lanchen, France isnt like home, after all.

You should follow the team at all times for the next two days.”

Yue Lanchen suddenly remembered something.

“Actually, I should have taken that car, but my sister chose to let me take the other car, which led to her accident and me being fine.

If I had known, I wouldnt have let her take that car.

Id rather have something happen to me.”

Shi Jin looked at him and did not reply.

Without a word, Fu Xiuyuan followed Shi out.

Seeing the two of them like this, Yue Lanchen suddenly shuddered and thought of a possibility.

“Sis, Brother-in-law, was I originally supposed to get into the car with the faulty brakes”

“Indeed.” Shi Jin nodded.

“No, impossible! My sister is my biological sister.

How could she do such a thing” He refused to believe what he was hearing.

After saying that, he felt that it was too harsh on Shi Jin.

He said, “Its not that I dont believe you, but I refuse to believe she would do such a thing to me.”

“Its okay.

Dont read too much into it,” Shi Jin assured him.

“Focus on your game first.”

However, at a time like this, how could Yue Lanchen not care about this matter and not think too much about it

He took her arm to keep her from moving forward.

“You tell me whats going on.

You tell me!”

“Let me do the talking.” Fu Xiuyuan knew Shi Jin didnt want to ruin their sibling relationship.

He said calmly, “There are dozens of cars in the Charles family.

Shi Jin and I went over to take a look.

These dozens of cars are basically the same model and color.

Theres no difference, but theres a small sticker on one of the cars.

Shi Jin and I didnt do anything, but we took off this small sticker and swapped it with another car.

The car you rode in later didnt originally have a sticker.

And the one Yue Yu sat in originally had a sticker.

Do you understand”

Yue Lanchen could not accept this fact, could not believe it.

In other words, the car with the faulty brakes was originally arranged by Yue Yu for him.

However, because of Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans small actions, Yue Yu sat in that car herself.

Yue Lanchen refused to believe it.

However, he recalled that when the two cars arrived, Yue Yu had specially arranged for him to get into the car before she got in.

He didnt remember those microexpressions very clearly, but now they seemed really unfamiliar.

If Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan didnt change that sticker, he would be the one lying in bed now.

Accidents caused by faulty brakes could often be serious.

If something happened to him, the consequences might not be so simple and easy.

At this thought, a chill ran down Yue Lanchens spine.

“Lanchen.” Shi Jin could tell he was dazed and broken.

“Yue Lanchen.”

Yue Lanchen turned a deaf ear.

“Yue Lanchen, this is just Fu Xiuyuan and my deduction.

Theres no clear argument.

Calm down first.”

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